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Sakowitz Smiles Orthodontics

Sakowitz Smiles Orthodontics



About Us

Choosing the right orthodontist is as simple as ABC - Able, Board Certified, and Caring. At Sakowitz Smiles, these are the standards of excellence we live by.

We define Able as having the training and technology to perform the most up-to-date care available in orthodontics. Dr. Sakowitz has 7 years of combined dental and sub-specialty training, enabling him to deliver the highest of quality of care. The availability of digital intra-oral scanning, low-dose radiography, and computerized modeling ensures that Dr. Sakowitz' patients receive the most sophisticated orthodontic planning and treatment.

Dr. Scott Sakowitz is the only Board Certified Lake Nona Orthodontist. Board Certification is given only to those orthodontists who have had the training and testing to be awarded this elite status. A rigorous review process by a team of specially selected orthodontic examiners ensure that only those who perform the highest quality of work are selected. Patient case demonstrations as well as written and oral examinations must all be competed with proficiency sufficient to meet the strict criteria of the Board. Only 1/3 of orthodontists ultimately meet this test.

It starts with a smile from our team as you're first greeted, and ends with your smile of satisfaction when your treatment is finished. At Sakowitz Smiles, it is a priority to make you comfortable. Every question will be answered and you will have a full understanding of what we will accomplish together.

When it comes to choosing your Orthodontist, your choice should be as simple as ABC!