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Rebuild Yourself Inc


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About Us

Rebuild Yourself Inc strives to deliver self-confidence, evocative abilities, early learning skills, premium education, and a vision to empower these individuals and make them self-reliant. Rebuild Yourself Inc is aware and grateful for what your organization has done in supporting communities in need. Rebuild Yourself Inc, therefore, believes that based on your values, this proposal is a comparable addition to your noble efforts of supporting communities.

Rebuild Yourself Inc focuses on three basic components of wellness:
1 – Mentorship and Exposure – The organization will offer mentorship and activity exposure to all youth. There are zero participation fees associated with Rebuild Yourself Inc, so any youth can join regardless of income.
2 – Social-Emotional Learning – This includes aspects of mindfulness, self-regulation, and visualization, all of which can be linked to increased levels of wellbeing when practiced - even on a small scale.
3- Leadership Development – Essential dynamics of leadership will be explored. These aspects include teamwork, accountability, communication, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills.
These three components combined, foster, and nurture a sense of belonging and connection– individually, community -wide and globally.

Rep/Contact Info

Gabriel Becerra
Youth Outreach
Cynthia Borgwing
Founder/Executive Director
Isa Jarrin
Monica Miranda
Vice President