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Are you pretty handy around the house, and do you enjoy fixing things or working on home improvement projects? You can capitalize on your talents by starting your own handyman business and offering your services to people in your community. But before you put on your toolbelt and head out, here are some important things you need to do: 

Choose a Legal Entity for Your Company

Before you hit the ground running, you need to cover business basics like choosing a strong business name and the legal structure your company will operate under. Two entities worth considering are a limited liability company (LLC) and S corp. An LLC in Florida offers protection of your personal assets in the event your company is ever involved in a legal dispute. Plus, you’ll be eligible for tax incentives. An S corp allows you to claim tax deductions on business losses and enjoy self-employment tax savings, making it a more favorable choice for many.

Take some time to review these and other business structures to find what makes the most sense for your company. An online formation agency knows how to create an S corporation in Florida, an LLC in Florida, or any other legal entity you choose so that your business is legally compliant with the state.

Choose Your Specialty

Whether you’re a jack of all trades or you offer very specialized services, you need to clearly define what you want to offer to your clients so that you can start advertising your services. Make sure you pick something that you’re really interested in and that you can see yourself doing for years to come. Even if you don’t have a contractor’s license, there are still many handyman jobs you can perform and get paid for. So make a list of everything you know how to do and start pinpointing your niche.

Apply for Permits and Licenses

Before you start looking for clients, take time to research the contracting laws in the state you live in. Depending on your specialty, you may need to obtain a contractor’s license in order to legally perform specific tasks. If you’re unlicensed, you may still be able to work on smaller jobs, but don’t neglect to check what’s legal or not with your state contractors board: their website will provide you with more specific information on legal requirements, and you can talk to investigators to answer your questions. You may even consult with an attorney to make sure everything you do is above board.   

Advertise Your Services

Every small business needs a professional website that will provide potential customers with up-to-date contact information, operating hours, and a list of services offered. It’s also a good idea to post photos of some of your handiwork. Ask your current and past clients for reviews, and post those on your website as well. Optimize your website for SEO and advertise your services online. Some apps and websites publish crowdsourced reviews: make sure you stay engaged with existing and potential clients, quickly answer queries, always be courteous and offer to fix issues if you get a negative review.  

Find Your Target Market

Once you’ve set up shop with a professional website and business cards, you need to start looking for clients. Depending on the services you offer, you may want to target a specific segment of the population. If you specialize in small repair jobs around the home, you should focus your efforts on single moms, seniors, or landlords who need help with their rentals. Or you could focus on busy professionals who don’t have the time, tools, or skills to perform small jobs such as mounting a TV on a wall, hanging a heavy mirror, or replacing a leaky faucet.     

Invest in Time-Saving Solutions

When you’re busy running your handyman business, you can save valuable time by using a tool that will help you add material and labor costs, create a payment schedule for your customers, send automated email reminders when you’re awaiting the approval of an estimate, and calculate all applicable taxes. A construction job estimator app or cost estimating software will allow you to deliver professional-looking, accurate quotes to potential clients without having to crunch all those numbers yourself. And you’ll be able to send your estimate right on the spot, without having to manually reenter numbers or your client information.  

Starting a handyman business is a great way to become your own boss while doing something you really enjoy. Find a specialty and look for clients that need your services. You’ll soon become an invaluable resource in your community.

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